The September Slump

The "Mochi" face! CHIIIIIIII

I just bought mochi yesterday from Trader Joe’s. The only good flavor is strawberry. But eating this reminded me of Mocchi and Monster Rancher, in general. And I found out they just released a game for the DS for the first time in a long time, last month. Too bad it sucks because I want to relive old memories…best games ever.

September. Sad face.

So for Scoop Tuesday, I had “Baseball Nut” flavor because it actually sounded good from the description, and the tub was pretty empty, so it must be popular. It’s supposed to look like a baseball, so it was vanilla ice cream with a raspberry ribbon. And of course, cashews. It was pretty good, except there were too many cashews, which kind of ruined the refreshing flavor of the ice cream. The raspberry was non-taste-able for the most part, but when it was, it was so perfectly blended and delicious.

And today, I finally had Bacon Ranch Chili Cheese Fries from Wienerschnitzel! And let me tell you– they did not disappoint! That was really the perfect combination of all five of those foods; a truly ingenious idea. I applaud them. There were perfect amounts of everything, and no taste dominated another as I thought it would. My new favorite food. However, between this and the ice cream and a donut my mom gave me yesterday, all my working out is just canceled out. Boo.

I also watched Borat and The Bone Collector (an Angelina Jolie film from 1999). Borat was so much better than I thought! I never watched it because of the hype, but ever since watching Bruno, I decided to give it a chance. It was basically Bruno under a different nationality, so it was a great movie. Bone Collector is a basic crime thriller about a disabled cop (Denzel Washington) who has to work with a rookie (Jolie) to stop a series of murders with clue pieces given at the crime scene. It wasn’t altogether scary, but it wasn’t predictable in the slightest. I was very intrigued. The only unbelievable part was that Angelina Jolie looks way too hot to be in a cop outfit.

It’s gonna hit me soon. All the crap I have to do before school starts. Ugh. September slump.

~ by Btab on 1 September 2010.

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