The Memento

The "" face.

Today, I watched Memento with Alan and Amadeo in decisive homage to the awesome Christopher Nolan. Oh, what do you know? Another mind-fuck of a movie. Just like Inception, I can’t really hate it because it was so well done, but it just angers me about how stupid I am not to understand everything (of course, this will take more screenings to fully understand everything so I can answer some questions). It was an interesting movie filmed in an interesting way– a man with short term memory loss tries to avenge the rape/murder of his wife…and it leads to some twisted stuff. It was filmed with parts going backwards in time intermingled with parts going forward in time. I missed a lot of stuff just because I didn’t understand the interplay between the color and b&w scenes.

Honestly, it was another Nolan masterpiece because it makes me think long after the film ends (I’m still constantly boggled by Inception). I was Wiki-researching his movies and so far, Memento has the highest critical acclaim of all his movies on Rotten Tomatoes at 93%, tying with The Dark Knight. In fact, all his films have above-average acclaim, which is amazing in my eyes. Surprisingly, The Prestige is the lowest, at 75%, though that’s still a great score (yeah, I take Rotten Tomatoes seriously for the most part). I can’t wait to watch Following and Insomnia (though he didn’t write the latter, so it probably won’t be as good as all the other ones. I anticipate Batman 3, but y’already knew that.

We just played some games, drank some mango nectar, and I have unveiled my room to them. I’m pretty sure they liked it, so I’m pretty proud once again. Oh, thanks for the ikaika head, Amadeo…the trifecta is complete! It seems we haven’t hung out together in a long time, and although it was a short time, it’s always so fun and memorable.

But…this movie made me tired. So I napped.

~ by Btab on 12 August 2010.

One Response to “The Memento”

  1. Set you expectations low for “Following”. It is almost like a student film, with a very low budget and no stars. I liked “Insomnia”, but there is no great twist in that.

    My favorite movie of his is “Memento”. I saw that in a theater, and at least 12 people left during the movie because they said it was stupid. That’s always a sign of a good film, especially around these parts, if the audience is too dumb to understand it. There’s also an option on the Memento DVD (it might be the special edition) to play the entire film in reverse. Starting with the last chapter, and working forward. You almost get a completely different film experience watching it that way. Nolan’s a genius. 🙂

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