The Lethargy From Heat

The "Comic Con excitement is in the air" face.

The heat immobilizes me so there was not much moving today. I did accomplish some stuff. My Comic Con is officially all planned out (unless some stuff comes up) and sadly, I had to pay an extra $10 for parking because I stupidly procrastinated and the parking sold out. So parking is basically as much as a ticket. But I have my ticket, my maps, my schedule, and all this good stuff that I will need. I just need to pack what I need to and I’ll be ready to go. But that’s in another week! It seems so soon, though. But there is slight good news amongst all this horror of money. I think I just spent all that I need to in terms of my room and the major money-spender that is SDCC…so basically, I will just have to limit myself on what I want to buy at the Con and then not hang out with anyone until August when I get my life more organized and routine.

And then I don’t really know where the day went…sitting around watching talk shows with Mom? I was just not in the mood to do anything else. I did beat Final Fantasy XIII again and I’m only missing 4 trophies, so now I’m going to move to Uncharted 2 and gather some more trophies. FFXIII makes me so teary and happy and it’s so under-appreciated, it’s sad. Everything about it was great, though the story was confusing. But this didn’t stop me from trying to figure it out, and although I’m still slightly perplexed, when I understood most of it, it made me love the game so much more. In the distant future, when I play again just for kicks, I will probably understand it a lot better. Yay for games making me extremely happy!

~ by Btab on 16 July 2010.

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