The Remembered Dream #11

The "Mmm don't wake me" face.

I accidentally woke up at noon today for the first time in a long time. Maybe I’ve just been waking up early for too long, or maybe it’s because True Jackson VP is not on anymore so I have no reason to wake up before lunchtime. But I did get to have some nice dream cycles, most notably, another Olivia Munn meetup dream…with Peaches (OMFGer, for those of you who don’t know) this time! So Peaches, other people, and I were standing outside of my house waiting for Olivia to show up for her book signing. When we went inside, there were a bunch of random people waiting. And then she arrived. But instead of waiting in line, we all had to battle each other in order to see who would be able to have time with Olivia.

Peaches and I teamed up, Peaches with ninja stars and me with a dagger. Olivia was sitting on my couch waiting for people to finish battling. I think she fell asleep. But anyway, this young woman with dark hair and dark clothes comes up to us and we try to fight her off, but she attacks Peaches and then me. So we’re both wounded on the ground, but run into the laundry room to recover. We had a plan. We would have to grab Olivia and run into my room to find sanctuary from the war around us. So we took our plan into action. I grabbed a sleeping Olivia and Peaches and I ran upstairs dodging enemy attacks and we finally made it into my room. Olivia woke up and then…I woke up in real life. So that was quite anticlimactic but still an awesome dream!

In other news, I watched Shrek Forever After, a movie that was much better than I thought it’d be. It had a good message and some jokes were funny, but the only reason I watched it was because I wanted to finish watching all of the Shreks. I didn’t like that most of it was just an alternate universe, though I guess seeing them in their normal lives would be boring (which is what caused Shrek to go on this adventure in the first place).


~ by Btab on 14 July 2010.

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