The Second Wind

The "Cooking well is really hard" face.

My friend got back from Arizona earlier this week so I went over to his house to view some pictures of his trip. And then we flew kites outside! There wasn’t all too much wind, but bikiting works– that’s flying a kite while riding a bike. When you catch the perfect wind, it can feel pretty awesome.

Then I went back home to make myself dumplings for a late lunch, which happened to be a pretty big failure. I made 2 batches and started the second one as I was finishing the first one because I had a feeling I was making them wrong. Well, the first batch was burnt, but actually pretty good. The second batch was completely inedible…

And then I played Final Fantasy XIII. And that’s been my day. I didn’t work on my room at all, but it felt nice to actually get out because today was a nice hot day too.

~ by Btab on 9 July 2010.

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