The Other Blog

The "I've been looking at Tumblr themes for too long" face. Reminds me of my MySpace profile customizing days.

I just realized summer is almost over– okay, it’s not, but still…the weeks are passing by way too quickly. Today I was addicted to grinding in FFXIII…then Alan and Amadeo came over (LAN party?)…and then I got addicted to Tumblr. LOL, thanks Alan.

I decided that (since my friends that blog have Tumblrs) I would get a Tumblr to follow them. And then since I have it, I might as well use it…so this blog has much more to do with my life and posting stuff that is more personal. Tumblr will be for photos and funny stuff that I hear or any quotes that come to mind and stuff. My Twitter is rendered useless except for following. Hm. Online social media…

There’s nothing on there right now, but here!

~ by Btab on 29 June 2010.

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