The Mighty Kid’s Meal

The "I got a Momo" face!

The "I got an Aang card" face.

The "Mighty Kid's Meal" face!

So cool– I got a Happy Meal from McDonald’s for the first time in a long time and got a Momo toy (which is the one I wanted and the reason for the entirety of my plan to get a Happy Meal and eat lunch at McDonald’s and miss some of True Jackson VP). Actually, I went to Costco and Wal-Mart to restock on some frozen food and I got a dog collar for Dayzi and now we can all go on walks (runs?).

Other than that, I spent an undesired amount of time playing post-game Final Fantasy XIII. I was actually planning on doing other stuff today, but I just kept trying to get through the missions and get some trophies. Why are games so difficult and stressful and what’s the point of making it so? I am so addicted, though. I tend to complain that I have beaten all my games and have nothing to do, yet there are still tons of trophies to get. Then again…I could be doing more constructive stuff with my time seeing as how I did “beat” the game already. I am conflicted. Sigh, my day amounts to nothing (tangibly). Tomorrow, I will stick to my schedule!

I’ve been getting a lot of bug bites recently, which is rare for me. But it keeps me from sleeping and then gets me distracted from daily tasks. It’s like I have ADHD. Which reminds me that I was playing on Playstation Home randomly and donned a fat, black, old, homosexual-looking avatar (kind of like an African American Elton John) and then some guy told me to follow them and then said his name was Dave. I then ignored him, got off of Home, and then continued my FFXIII spree. Creepers! Which reminds me, last night I watched Hamlet 2, which was a surprisingly good movie (though it’s not surprising that even the writers and directors thought it was surprisingly inspirational). I thought the message was great, though it’s kind of pitiable that the creators claimed to not really know what they were doing. I like Steve Coogan and all the actors were great. Hilarious film.

Let’s see…Suki scratched up a door today. My parents may not be so happy about that. I’m still anticipating how they will feel about her when they come home within the week. She doesn’t seem to show any signs of happiness, she’s just living her life by herself as if everyone is getting in her way. It’s sad and I feel bad for her. Of course, it has only been a couple of days, so I’m confident that she will get used to everything over time. I just hope it won’t be too late when my parents see her and don’t like her through first impression. I keep forgetting she’s still kind of a puppy though.

~ by Btab on 27 June 2010.

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