The Dog Walk

The "I actually had a mild workout today" face.

Yay, another fun Ikea adventure, but not getting lost this time! I went to UCI to visit my friends who have summer school (so sad). So we spent an unusually long time inside Ikea looking at stuff and they actually bought stuff so it wasn’t a completely wasted effort. We went to the kitchen area where I compared our newly remodeled kitchen with all their display ones. Some of them looked pretty cool, yet I love the color scheme of the one at home. I took pictures of more random and seemingly useless stuff that I would like to buy for my room.

Then, Sandy and I went back to Anthony’s place to watch Anthony cook dumplings in his new wok. It was cool! Woks are cool in general, so anyone who cooks using a wok is cool. I hadn’t seen them since school ended two weeks ago so it was like old times again when we all lived together and sat outside in the hallway talking to each other. Yay! I do tend to miss that aspect of school, and it will never be like that again. RIP Freshman experience.

Suki’s doing fine. She still seems scared of me, but she is disciplined in her way of living, so I don’t have to worry much when she’s not with me, which happens to be most of the time. Now, she likes to follow me around and see what I’m doing if I walk away. I think she just wants to see if I walk outside so she can dash away. She constantly runs to the front and backyard doors to look and sniff the outside. I plan to take her on walks or runs so she can get her exercise and doesn’t die of boredom in the house (because she doesn’t seem to want my affection). She’s way different than chihuahuas, that’s for sure. Sometimes, her and Persie growl at each other and it freaks me out because Persie is the size of her face and can be eaten up any second.

Okay, I just left to go mini-walk the dogs. It didn’t work out too well because Dayzi has no leash, so I had to carry her half the time. We have to go buy her one later so we can walk all of them together and not have to worry about Dayzi the whole time. I’m tired! Suki pulls pretty hard, so I’ll try and teach her to walk at a steady pace (but isn’t that hard for a Shiba Inu?).

~ by Btab on 26 June 2010.

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