The Babies In the House

The "Shiba Inu" face!

The " tough" face.

I’ve had a long day. I woke up with no plans and actually fell asleep for a little after watching the tele. But then Gerard and Kathy came over for a little (ooh, I’m so spontaneous). And then, I just got a Shiba Inu from a friend, Thao, who lived on the same floor as me during the school year. The dog’s name is Suki, and she’s a 1.3 year old red (brown?) coated Shiba, so she’s still a baby to me. She’s so cute, but she seems a little sad and shy. She’s bigger than I thought, also. I’m used to tiny little chihuahuas that need no exercise and have tiny shits. But this one is the complete opposite! It’ll be a challenge for me and when my parents come back, let’s hope they’re okay with a third dog. It feels almost surreal because I’ve always wanted a Shiba Inu. They’re the perfect dog (hopefully). Though the last 2 times I wanted dogs, they never worked out. Of course when my sister gets one, it’s all dandy.

After Thao dropped the dog off, Gerard and I went to the park to chill and talk. It was nice to finally do that again after so long. But then I had to go back home and wait for my cousins to come by because I learned that I was to be babysitting today too. Finally, my sister came home to help me take care of the children and dogs. Two babies and three dogs running around the newly decorated house was pretty scary. I did not want my parents coming home to destroyed furniture. Once we put in Up, it was all pretty mellow. Suki has found her nook in the house and likes to sit in the corner next to the lamp. She doesn’t listen, sadly. I don’t know if she gets along with Dayzi and Persie yet, but hopefully with time…The kids were pretty wild, but luckily they were cute and my favorites and disciplined at home, so they actually listen to what I say. They cried for their mom in the beginning, but then got over it. It wasn’t for too long that they were gone, and we just kept feeding them to keep them busy. Fun times, though stressful.

On another note, it felt like I got a lot of phone calls today. Right when I was sitting down, my phone starts to vibrate and it’s someone new calling me. I should get used to talking on the phone, though I generally hate it.

~ by Btab on 25 June 2010.

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