The Outdoors

The "Look at all these muted paint swatches" face.

I finally watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine yesterday and it wasn’t as bad as everyone said it was. I am actually looking forward to the Deadpool movie and X-Men movies in general. Then I fell asleep halfway through Legion, and I don’t think I want to finish it…

The weather has been nice again today and I went outdoors, so it wasn’t all gone to waste. I went to the park for a little and then to the mall to give into my sale-shopping temptations. Luckily there was nothing there. And then my sister and I went to the animal shelter to look at new puppies to add to our family while my parents are away then surprise them with a puppy so they freak out. And then we went to Home Depot, Target, and Bed Bath and Beyond to look at paint and bed stuff. Expensive! There are so many choices of paint and they all look the same because the change is so subtle. It’s overwhelming and I have no idea what the hell looks good with what. And then I got tired from all the time spent outside. LOL. It burns us.

It has been tough living on my own without parents, especially during meal times. We cannot cook, so it limits what we should eat for meals entirely. Our choices mainly come from the freezer and then we will probably have to resort to eating out the rest of the time when we run out of food…


~ by Btab on 15 June 2010.

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