The Comedic Romances

The "Look at my background, I'm finally home" face. Hm, I should move around the house to mix things up for y'all...

Last night, I finally watched the movie I went to the premiere to. Yes, All About Steve! HAHAHAHA. That was a weird movie that was a jumbled mess of weird and random. But I liked the message in the end, though what the hell, that ain’t no way to end a romantic comedy. It was more of a comedic romance.

Today was a cleaning day…I spent the entire afternoon/pre-evening cleaning the office space (that has decayed in my absence) and then moved up into emptying out my room in order to get it ready to paint and redesign. I love cleaning and all, but it is super-tiring and sometimes, it feels overwhelming. I have so much crap in my room that I needed to get rid of, and even then, it feels like there’s a whole bunch of stuff I can’t just throw out.

I was looking at my birthday cards from age 13-16 (for some reason, I can’t find my 17 or 18), and they are so sad! Good memories, for the most part, but the people I love[d] are hilarious! I kind of miss it back then when I felt loved and ignorant to the hate, but now, I feel like I know who I am more than ever and I’m glad I’ve changed for the better. I should look at my yearbooks now…I did glimpse at stuff that I had during last year and this year as I was throwing stuff out– also good memories. A lot of cool drawings, though I learned that I was a really horrid drawer in the recent past. Well, I am still pretty blah, but back then…it was just hideous.

I also realized how much more I loved Angelina Jolie than I did Jessica Alba. Well, maybe it was just shown in different ways. Let’s see…Angelina Jolie: 7th grade to roughly 9th grade. I had a lot of pictures of her, I bought an action figure in her image, I made collages of magazine pictures of her, I researched a lot about her, I have a lot of posters of her in my room. Jessica Alba: 9th grade to roughly 11th grade. I have one poster of her and I didn’t even buy it, I do have a black chalk drawing of her I did in 11th grade. I think that’s it. Now, Angelina Jolie is still hot to me, but Jessica Alba isn’t. Weird. I think they had equal time as my desktop wallpaper and I watched their movies equally as much. I lost Angelina to Brad Pitt and when Jessica had her baby, she just disappeared. Today, it’s all about Olivia Munn. Posters, signed magazines, meetups, pictures with her, forums, OMFG status, movies, drawings, awesomeness. How long will she last, though? Right now, she’s equal to the previous two, at 11th grade to now. But at the same time, I love Sophia Bush and Megan Fox. I figure I don’t have any physical representation of my love for those two because our love is overshadowed by my premiere love for Olivia. Oh, Sandra Bullock is getting hotter by the minute. We have history too. HAHA Well, this paragraph is getting creepy, but I was just feeling reflective about my celebrity loves.

More cleaning later and tomorrow and for awhile until I figure everything out. In the meantime, I should enjoy summer too, but the weather is making it kind of hard. Why is the sun not out in her beauteous glory? I don’t know. And that’s my life right now.

You know, I’m trying to figure out my “interests” so I can decorate my room, but it’s kind of hard. I mean, I don’t want to just put up posters of my favorite movies and stuff…It seems a little boring. I want some unique ideas that I can place on walls and make my room look different. Grr, it’s tough stuff. I might just frame a whole bunch of stuff so that way it will look neater and more contemporary and freshhhhhhhhh…Hm.

On the last day of school (yesterday), I spent the rest of my school money on Jamba Juice:

Peaches and Cream
Yeah, the chunks of ice and peaches were unappreciated and it tasted a little sour. Not good.

Strawberry Whirl.
16 oz.
One of their all-fruit smoothies. But it was just strawberries, bananas, and strawberry-apple juice. Nasty (unless you like strawberry banana flavored stuff)!

~ by Btab on 10 June 2010.

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