The Finals Week

The "We're supposed to go eat lunch, but I don't want to wake Anthony" face.

I have completed all my classes for freshman year! What a thrill not clapping for my crappy professor and then clapping for my actual good professor. So, finals week has begun for me, so it’s time to crank into gear, start studying on an enforced hourly study basis (not that I already don’t do this already). Finals week is a fun time for me where I give myself a lot of time to study and also leave time to get distracted. I feel stressed, yet I can relax at the same time because we can all take “breaks”. Hopefully, I’ll get some last minute hang outs in before goodbyes are in order. And it’s not just for break this time. I may never see any of these people again!

Now, I basically wait for any job offers or continue to search, slowly use up all my meal swipes and Zot Bucks (money given per quarter that I have to spend in certain areas like convenience stores or Jamba Juice), and continue to watch Big Bang Theory when I can (I just got started on Season 3). Whee!

Raspberry Dream Machine.
16 oz. (though it looks strangely like an original and I was charged extra)

I lost track of my ratings for these things, but it was very good. So good in fact, that I think it’s better than a normal Orange Dream Machine. The silly cashier woman said “I don’t know…is that an Orange Dream Machine but with raspberries? I can do that for you”. Oh thank you dearest, for it was quite the delight. I always got orange cream bars and raspberry cream bars in the same 8-pack they sell at Albertson’s, so it was no surprise that this was very good. They made it just right, though it had some seeds and my teeth hurt so they can’t really bite down on them without hurting. But yeah, one of the better smoothies lately.

~ by Btab on 4 June 2010.

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