The Sunrise

The "I may have eaten too much and done nothing today" face.

I don’t know if the title got cut off on the receipt, but it might be called:

Sunrise Straw(berry).
16 oz.

I ordered a Strawberry Dreamin’ or a Strawberry Dream Machine, and I have idea what the difference is. But this is what it’s officially called. At first, it was a delicious strawberry milkshake, but then it tasted rather diluted as time went on. The orange/lemon dream machines are delicious citrus and vanilla delights, very much like orange cream popsicles. But this one was nasty– this can be attributed to the service. They might have made it wrong, but it wasn’t very good. It was like watery milk that was cold. Ugh. I never hate Jamba Juice…until now!

I woke up this morning not hungry, but in a super good mood because I only had one class today and it was at 11 a.m., so I didn’t have to leave home until then. But in an attempt to use all my meal swipes (and Zot Bucks, hence the buying of a lot of Jamba), I went to lunch and 2 dinners today. And I ate 1 sugar donut and 3.5 apple fritters. I will be fat, dammit. You know, Late Night should be open longer than 11 p.m. I always get hungry at midnight, but there’s nothing to eat and I’m laying in bed, trying to fall asleep. It’s hard when I’m starving, though. I also have to finish a lot of this food that I brought to the dorms and drinks too. If I’ve calculated correctly, I will be able to finish everything by the time I move out, with a few leftovers like cereal, which I will just bring home anyway, because it’s a transferable food item.

~ by Btab on 1 June 2010.

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