The Problems With Oral

The "Otter pop season is back" face.

Lately, I’ve been worrying about health and wellness, moreso to do with germs and the oral area. Yesterday, it seems germs have been the topic of the day. Germs that fly 15 feet into the air when you flush the toilet. Germs that are on hand towels (your hands are only as clean as your towel!). Germs that are on the top of soap dispensers. Normally, I don’t worry about this kind of stuff because if I was going to contract something by not using certain products or whatever, I would have already gotten it. But so far, these germs aren’t totally significant on a day to day basis. Nonetheless, all of this germ talk that seems to be in my head makes me think…

That toilet one is just gross. Especially if someone leaves any amount of anything in the toilet before you go and you have to flush, those are their nasties getting on you! That’s why Megan Fox doesn’t use public facilities and now it’s going to be in my head forever. Dirty hand and face towels are just gross. Dirty towels in general actually. I feel I need to do laundry more frequently because, even though I can’t see the disease growing on these dampened towels, I now know they’re there more often than not. So every time I wipe my hands or face or whole entire body, I should think about if they’re clean or not. Bacteria on hand dispensers was not a big deal to me because you clean your hands after touching the dispenser anyway. Though I still think it’s gross.

I also need to replace my toothbrush. And get new toothpaste. And last night, I was just sitting in the bathroom thinking about how gross my teeth are. I don’t get it, my teeth still hurt after religious brushing and flossing all year. And then last time I went to a dentist, she asked if I’ve been flossing because they bled so much. I told her I had, but then since then, I’ve been flossing more slowly and intently, going deeping into the gum line. My gums had stopped bleeding a long time ago, but they hurt a lot when I floss. They’re still sensitive or something, and when I floss way down deep, they still feel very sensitive. But each tooth hurts in a different way. And not to mention they’re sometimes loose! I may be hallucinating, but I swear they are. I doubt I have any sort of gum disease or anything, and I tend to attribute this very minute looseness to the fact that my teeth are still shifting because I stopped wearing my retainer ages ago. Actually, last night I decided to put them back in again and they’d barely fit. But I’m going back to keeping them in throughout the day. Apparently, according the the Internet (oh, brother), if I do this long enough, my teeth will go back to a decent straightened position again. Though I’m skeptical because the reason I stopped in the first place was because they weren’t really straightening them. But now I feel desperate because my teeth look weird and slightly crooked and stuff. As long as I smile the right way, no one will ever notice…except me.

Also I’ve been brushing my tongue more stringently because I want to see if it actually makes a difference to go from way in the back of the throat to the front to get out all the bacteria. I used to just do it a little on the surface, but I doubt that helps. I don’t want to know if my breath smells, but if I try to help it, I’ll have some peace of mind. And don’t get me started on teeth whitening. Getting new, more expensive toothpaste does not seem to work. Nor does actually trying to brush right. I just need to get some chemical whitening to start over with a clean slate and then routinely do what I’ve been doing.

Sigh. So this is what I’ve been researching all day. And by all day, I mean whenever I woke up, which was like an hour ago. Too many problems. Nothing seemed to be making any difference, and I gave up on doing stuff– I’ve just been going normally and dealing with it all. But now, it has come back to my attention, so I’ve begun to stress over this once again. Like I don’t have other problems to deal with…

~ by Btab on 30 May 2010.

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