The Neighbor Totoro

The "I'm resting before I go home" face.

I can’t believe today has already come. I think that this week went by slowly because I had nothing to do– that’s not complaining, it just feels like the day passes slowly when you don’t have too much to do.

Last night, I completed watching all of Miyazaki x Ghibli with Totoro! One of my earliest memories as a child was when I was at my babysitters and I was watching Totoro on the tele, which apparently was all a lie because it was never I show; I just looked it up. Maybe it was the movie, but I don’t remember any of the movie when I watched. I only remember Totoro and Catbus. Now my childhood is a lie. Anyway, I didn’t hear about it again until that Ken guy on Jeopardy has his little toy Totoro to give him luck and then again when I finally watched Spirited Away in high school (around the same time of my obsession with Bale, and subsequently, Howl’s Moving Castle). So I have finally officially watched My Neighbor Totoro– and what a great film to end on. It was so sweet and the acting was superb, the way the children act seemed so real and cute. Oops, I’m lactating again. Anyway, I want a Totoro. I, however, will need more time to think about my ordering of favorite Miyazaki movies because they are all so great…

~ by Btab on 28 May 2010.

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