The Cherry Blossom

The "Watching Lost finale" face.

Well. I got my test grade back this morning. Fail. I just took my final for lab. Fail. I skipped a class for the first time this quarter. Win! Not really, but I hate my academic life right now. And again, I hate being emo so let’s move on. I don’t need your pity, and that’s partly because peoples’ words rarely make me feel better about my situation. I just have to deal with it myself. But it helps to complain and blog. But don’t mistake it for me being in need of your sympathy or anything.

Last night, in the midst of my inability to study for lab, I decided to finish some homework ahead of time. So, although I can sit around and be depressed about my life, I have the rest of the week to be jolly! So, due to my amazing anti-procrastination, all I have to do is my essay tomorrow and I’m done for the week! Today, I finally get to watch Lost. And then on Wednesday and Thursday, I get to relax and watch some movies. I finally get to go home on Friday to hang out with Lightning and the gang for the first time in a while! Go anti-procrastination powers– they have finally paid off in a major way.

And I just realized that there are no more full weeks of school left this year! Next week is a 4-day and the last week is a 3-day. What do I have to show for my first year? No partying, no friends, and mediocre grades. Um, great. LOL just kidding, but I shall go into more detail when I get all nostalgic in a week or so. I love finals week! But more on that later, too. There’s too much discuss about this to go into detail right now. Though I do want to say I’ve been reflecting about how hard college is actually is.

Five Fruit Frenzy.
16 oz.

Yesterday, I got this in-season drink at Jamba Juice. It’s only fruits and they blend…5 of them together. I don’t really know what’s in it, but I think blueberry. It’s also more expensive than the regular flavors. Well, it was pretty good. I do have one gripe, that being that there was this stem in there that wasn’t blended. You know how when you pick a grape away from its brothers, you might get a little stem at the top of it that you tend not to eat. It was like that and it was nasty. Like a fingernail in my soup (I would assume). It was extra-seedy, but that’s expected of a fruit-only drink.

I forgot to tell you all that I watched “5 centimeters per second”, Makoto Shinkai’s most recent work. Boy, was that a downer! It’s a story about young love, distance, loss, and moving on. Very romantic, but ultimately tragic (although the ending is open to speculation about the main character’s dynamicity). The story was great and the dialogue was intense, but what got me most was the beautiful animation. Shinkai wows me every time with his visual artistry and 5 cm was great in this respect. In all his works, I love the way different scenes and sounds are pieced together and then in the end, everything becomes clear. As it all falls into place, I just sigh reflecting back and loving the story. I put it behind Voices of a Distant Star, but before his other 2 pieces. I can’t wait to see what he has coming next!

~ by Btab on 25 May 2010.

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