The Perfect Couplings

The "I actually wore a sweater today" face.

More gloomy days? It makes me want to stay in bed! But I had a midterm, which I think I did good on, I wasn’t really worried about it. I’m just stressing out about next Monday’s midterm– better start studying for it now. And with that, it’s already Week 8 and freshman year is almost over. It keeps inching near, but I still feel like I have to keep up the academic momentum and finish strong.

Yesterday, I watched Legend of the Seeker. And it was so good! But I’m biased, so all the episodes are good. There is one more episode of the series, and I can’t wait to see it. Then I watched Miss USA, which, get this: I decided that Miss Michigan was the hottest one of all, and then she made it into the top 15 and then top 10 and then she won! HA! She deserved it. Based on her hotness. Congratulations, but isn’t the Miss USA pageant the one where semi-smart women go into show business and do nothing with their lives? I also decided to get distracted by Animation Domination. Since I started watching American Dad again, they are making way too many references to Roger being gay. Wow, way to make the show exactly like Family Guy in almost every way now. Not that Roger is not my favorite character anymore, I can just do without the overuse of inserting-things-into-anus jokes. I like him better as a tranny. And then I watched Celebrity Apprentice and TMZ, both of which I ten to watch randomly on Sundays if the TV is on.

Last night, I started thinking about money again. Inevitably, me looking for a job goes to all my expenses, but I also realized how my expenses are all for personal wants, not really needs. I want new clothes, new games, new everything, buying food when I hang out…yadayada…It just sucks, and I’m trying to change how I view money. And that’s not to say that I’m not doing better; it’s not like I’ve made any major or impulsive purchases. But that might just be because I have no money. Yeah, that might play a large role.

Today, my abs hurt. Holla, somethings happening down there. Actually, I’ve begun to feel abs if I press down hard enough. Of course, they’re not visible because of the layers of fat on my belly, but one day, they’ll appear, I just know it!


Okay, it actually looks good. Before this trailer, I hadn’t seen much about this show. Well, I already was planning on watching it, as explained in my last rantpost about television. But this gives me better reason– it may actually be funny. Thank god for that! At least my Christine Woods fix will be satisfied.

Recently, I’ve come across Makoto Shinkai, who inspires me like Hayao Miyazaki. Of course, I’m once again 10+ years late, but hey, that’s what the Internet’s for. Alan showed me “She and Her Cat” and Anthony showed me “Voices of a Distant Star”, both of which you should see if you haven’t. In fact, I will soon be watching Shinkai’s other 2 works and hope he comes out with a new one this year or next year. Yes, I do dislike anime to a certain extent– with the exceptions of Miyazaki, Pokemon, and Digimon– but it was bearable because I watched dubs and yes, I like dubs! These are different though, because Shinkai’s works represent stories being told, over the comedic, actiony, and often over the top aspect of television anime that I tend to despise. What someone can do with a short is astounding, and Shinkai just goes to prove so. It makes me sad though that I can sometimes be unaware of all this great stuff.

Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko:


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One Response to “The Perfect Couplings”

  1. voices of a distant star was awesome. as indie as an anime can get.

    keep perfecting your money management skills. it’s better to learn the highs and lows of it now while you’re still young.

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