The Remembered Dream #7

The "Wind makes my longer hair stand up and I hate it" face.

Well, I’ve been having really weird dreams that have a lot of cameos from random people in my life (or were in my life) that are a jumble of random scenes that I can’t really make out. I don’t even remember the one two nights ago. But last night, it was just as weird! The order of things may not be correct, but I tried to piece it together as best I could.

So I was driving an empty school bus around my grandparents’ neighborhood, but their house was unoccupied because it was being repainted and rebuilt, I guess. And so I was driving around and passed by someone I knew and then ended up parking it by some park. Later, I had to cross back through the same park, but then it was occupied by crazy baboons! And I was worried. Of course, as I am almost through the monkey-infested park, a couple of monkeys attack me, so I jump over the fence, which happened to be an area with a bunch of kids playing around- probably a school. But the baboons quickly caught up to me and I fell to the ground. Then they blew up some gloves and stuck the fingers in my ear. And somehow, I knew that if I took them out, held the air in, and then blew into them more until they popped, the monkeys would die. And that’s what I did because I didn’t want to allow the wild apes to continue ravaging the schoolyard.

Somehow later, I am sitting at a table with people I know in my grandparents’ house, which I guess is back to normal. And I overhear some friends saying that they are planning to rob some marketplace. Either that, or they already did it. And then I was mad that they didn’t tell me (ha, real life much?) and I felt all insulted. So then I left to go eat at some Chinese restaurant, in which I found out that my friends had been stealing from so they were kicking people out. And then I ordered something and I got something I didn’t want. And then I remember waking up angry because I had spent that money on food that I could have gotten for cheaper somewhere else AND I didn’t get the food. But then I remembered it was just a dream…

~ by Btab on 28 April 2010.

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