The Second Regret

The "I'm sad like a baby that just got his toy taken away" face.

There’s probably only one thing that I really regret in life and that would be the day that my bird flew away from me back on Labor Day…a couple years back. Anyway, due to my naivete, I lost one of the happiest parts of my life. To this day, I still play back the day and how things could have changed, etc. but nothing will bring him back. Wow, it still brings tears to my eyes.

Well, to a lesser extent, perhaps my second biggest regret would be not going to the LA OMFG meet-up on Saturday. Hearing stories and seeing pictures makes me happy, but I sure did miss out. I keep telling myself it’s okay, but you know, maybe I should’ve gone. Seeing the video recap of my OMFG buds Dave-O and Genji makes me so jealous! And then I got to the end, where my mind was blown- but in a depressing way. Just watch. So I guess that pushed me over the edge and I am really sad that I missed out. And I didn’t get a super sexy poster of hers. I guess to many people, this may seem trivial, but daaaaang, I regret not going out there for the FIRST LA meetup. Who knows when the next one will be?

Perhaps I may find a little solace in this darkness. I did study on Saturday, and I think I did pretty good on my test today…so there’s always that. I just feel I could’ve managed my time better to work around the meetup’s schedule. How foolish of me. But, there’s always next time for a good ol’ O. Munn encounter. Today, I don’t know if I feel happy or not. I mean, at least my testing is over for the next couple of weeks, but I still can’t stop thinking about the meet-up. Trivial midterm? Or another awesome day with Olivia? Yeah, the decision seems easy to me now, but I was just so stressed out about it. Damn you Chemistry, I swear to hate you forever. I was relaxed last night because I felt ready for the tests, but at the same time, I was of course thinking about Olivia. I was happy that she asked about me, but then sad that I disappointed her. I’m happy that the tests are over, but then I don’t know how I did, and thus, if missing out on the meet-up was worth it or not. Gah. Too many problems, just watch this awesome video…

(Olivia, Dave-O, and Genji at Golden Apple!)

(song of the moment- Airplanes, B.o.B. ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore, The Adventures of Bobby Ray)

~ by Btab on 26 April 2010.

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