The Asian Post

The "Me at the Golden Apple Comics OMFG LA meetup in spirit" pose. Thanks Genji!

The "Hyoyeon" face.

The "We're not really Korean" pose.

(Thanks Jorge_Z!)


So, second off, my suitemates were gracious enough to give me their poster of SNSD lead dancer Hyoyeon. HAHAHA. And so we started taking some good ol’ Asian pictures with her. Too bad she’s not my favorite one.

Thirdly, up there is the newest trailer for The Last Airbender. OMG Appa looks so awesome, I’m just waiting for Momo now. I also found it tiring that it’s going to be in 3D, but I guess that works for the movie. I haven’t decided which format I will see it in just yet. This trailer actually looks very cool, surprisingly. Princess Yue is so hot. I’m Team Sokkue, sorry Suki. And there where a bunch of scenes in there that I remember from the TV show, which is a plus. I guess I’ve grown accustomed to Katara and Aang and I guess Sokka’s still the best as always, although his voice isn’t prepubescent, sarcastic, and hilarious enough. Actually, stupid M. Night better not make this entire trilogy all serious and dramatic, although I think he will because he wants it to be geared toward adult audiences. Boo.

Finally, the last two videos are of my time with Olivia and Habitat for Humanity! The first one was my tiny moment of fame on The Daily 10 on E! Channel. Hey, it used a lot of my footage! At 0:06, that’s when Olivia told me to videotape her from the bottom trying to hammer in nails. At 0:33, that’s when Olivia told me to videotape her getting on the roof and told me not to just get a shot of her ass. She called me a pervert HEHE. At 0:43 was where I got to spend alone time with Olivia (thanks again Mr. Wingman Genji haha) and how she said I was disrespectful, and then it ended when we celebrated at 0:53 that she made it to the roof. And of course, that was me at 1:10 all the way until the end where I whacked Olivia in the face with my sad high five. Oops. There was a lot of unused footage and too bad I can’t get a hold of it, but my memories will stay with me forever, so they will have to suffice. Thanks Daily 10!

The second one, which I thought was the Daily 10 interview, was just the Habitat interview by the PR lady working with Hollywood for Habitat. She said we were funny and it was a nice interview. YES! I apologize for my hunched posture and what the fuck is going on with my mouth. Awkward. She closed up on the 2 of us a lot, though so that was delicious. That was cool that they posted the entire thing on there. Fun times. Thanks Habitat! Oh, and I just realized Genji and I are kind of matching- BFFL status!

~ by Btab on 24 April 2010.

2 Responses to “The Asian Post”

  1. What??!?!?! Genji is the man! Big shout out to me! Heyyy! Why did she have to tell everyone I cried though? I mean, it’s true, but I thought she keep it our little secret! Oh well, any ladies out there looking for a guy that’s not afraid to cry? No? Dammit!

  2. haha i had no idea what sh0nuff was talking about when he mentioned the “the asian post” i thought he had a typo and meant the asian pose. yeah btab we definitely missed you and if you haven’t seen it yet, dave-o recorded a special message to you from oliva on video. i didn’t know mike lee was there until afterwards. i could have saved him a couple hours. so yeah we were 1 man down (technically 2) from the habitat reunion. that was an awesome day. if only we could have had sh0nuff and the rest of us still there. that would have been epic. maybe another time?

    can’t wait for the last airbender and everyone is so scared of what m. knight shyalamdingdong will do to the franchise. he already confirmed it wont be as funny/witty as the series but as long as he captures the heart of what that world is about, then i guess we can call it a success. how cool was it to see the blue spirit?! hopefully it does well and theres a book 2 & 3.

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