The Cockatoo

The "I woke up this morning with my hair looking like a cockatoo so I just went with it" face.

I had the scariest dream ever. I can only address the parts I remember, though. Well, we had 2 chihuahuas and one of them had a nuclear bomb in its head and so I was trying to kill it by smashing it to death before it could explode. It was pretty disgusting and it felt so real. The thing is, it felt like it was one of our dogs for a long time and that we loved it and it loved us. But I was so afraid it would kill us, I had to kill it first. Well, it wouldn’t die, and so I just kept beating it. I felt so devastated when I woke up. And in my dream, its legs were broken and mangled and it couldn’t walk too much, but it still loved us. Truly disgusting. Another part was how I started having exotic birds come up to me and I would feed them seeds so they would stay with me and they did. This part isn’t as revolting as the first, but I do feel really nostalgic, so it makes me almost as sad as a handicapped nuclear chihuahua.

So, I will hopefully be studying this entire weekend and not get too distracted.

~ by Btab on 23 April 2010.

2 Responses to “The Cockatoo”

  1. I would like to buy the movie rights to your dream, only we’ll change the chihuahua to a bus, and if the bus slows down below 55 mph it will explode. I think we’ve got a hit!

  2. Nice look! LOL!

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