The Busy Work

The "I am awake and refreshed!" face.

I took a nap yesterday for the first time in a long time because I was falling asleep watching Batman Beyond, nodding off in a chair sadly. So I slept for 3 hours, which totally wasted a lot of time, but luckily I could stay up late to finish as long as I needed to and get up whenever I wanted today. And what a lovely day it is.

So I started doing minor workouts this morning because I woke up at a decent time before noon. But then I decided to stop and start researching good workouts for me, etc. Man, this is hard to find because every site is totally different and I’m so ignorant on the subject already! On the plus side, I have been trying to eat healthier, but half the time, I’m relapsing into junk food coma status. I eat like one banana for every soda I consume. So I was thinking, maybe I should actually for real for real literally start doing something finally. Thus, I’ve decided to tackle this aspect of my Resolutions once and for all! Wish me luck. I will probably fail time and time again, but that’s not an excuse not to get back up!

It’s weird, but Spring Quarter just seems to be going by because I’ve been doing work this whole time. There’s not much else that has been going on in the day-to-day aspect, really. I just realized I haven’t hung out with any of my friends from home for a long time, since around the time of Spring Break. Not only that, but it seems like I’ve lost contact with all of them! Hm, I just seem to be consumed with other matters, which is not to say they’re important, but I don’t know why. They’ve probably forgotten about me too…

Those are just a couple of things on my mind, so hopefully something will happen, because I mean, something needs to happen here. It’s getting old just doing nothing for the rest of the quarter.

~ by Btab on 18 April 2010.

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