The Education Pillars

The "My left contact has been bothering me for awhile but I'm too lazy to get rid of this pair" face.

Today, in my Social Science class, we had a guest speaker who came in to talk to us about how to find, I guess, your own success during college. It was very interesting and I hope I can use all of that information to further myself. She worked for the UCI SocSci Academic Resource Center and has a Ph.D. in Education.

Well, basically, she said that there are 5 pillars to prepare myself for graduate school. First, I needed to have a major that I was interested in and find a career that I would be interested in pursuing. She also said it was all about the process. It’s true, I need to be satisfied with my time here at UCI or else it will all be a waste. It was funny because she said we shouldn’t just go from our room to class and back to our room again every day. That’s what I do…Instead, the 5 pillars we should use to help us are Academics, Research Experience, Practical Experience, Leadership Skills, and Community Service. All of these will help me and I took these words to heart because I actually think they can help me find a goal and strive for it. This, I think, will help me accomplish stuff I need for my educational experience purposes as well as just make me an overall happier person.

I don’t know if I want to start stressing myself out right now with this, but I already planned to map out this part of my life over the summer and prepare it for the second year of my college life, which I’m hoping will be different from this year.

Speaking of happy, you know how I think everything relates to my life and it’s just so ironic? Well, yeah. The fortune cookie that was destined for me today:


Well, this is easier said than done, but I thought it was pretty hilarious how much it relates to my life right now. I guess instead of just sitting around waiting for good things to happen to me or sitting around and just thinking about being happy, I should go out and seek happiness. Then, I will have purpose and life meaning.

However, I relapsed on soda today. And went all hyper. Now, I’m really tired. And the sun was so bright, I started closing my eyes just to try and catch some walking Z’s, but that didn’t work so much. And on top of that, I have much too much homework to take a rest.

~ by Btab on 7 April 2010.

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