The Thirteenth Fantasy: First Impression

As you all may not know, I finally opened my FFXIII this weekend because of some downer moments of the weekend. And then I started to play, naturally. Boy, is this game pleasant. I’m just glad I didn’t start playing at the beginning of the break, otherwise I would be done with it by now! I’m not that far into it, I think a few hours or more, so I’m still getting tutorial messages.

I love Final Fantasy. I have not played too many of them, but I have watched people play some. This game is different from all the other ones, but I don’t see what people have to complain about. I mean, there’s a black guy with a chocobo in his fro. This alone seals the deal. The characters are at least likable for the most part and I want to care about them (unlike XII) so this was good. The enemies are pretty cool, the story is superb, the gameplay mechanics are very swift.

I like that the beasts are mechanical-ish, but they resemble animals and people too. It’s very…Final Fantasy haha. I think the linearity of the story is to be appreciated. People complain, but for me, this is different. At least the story is very interesting, so it’s okay that the game is linear. I want to know what happens and not just sit around doing other things that are unimportant. Luckily, I can control myself so I stopped playing before I got so far into it. But I just can’t wait to go home this weekend to see what happens next. Yes, the fights are really dumbed down. You heal after every battle and all you have to do is just click X the whole time. However, the paradigm shifts are pretty cool and they’re fast sequences, surprisingly, so you can just seamlessly switch into a different role. I think this is nice and efficient. The battles themselves are really fast-paced and it keeps me from getting bored. At least if you want to just sit around and battle, they’re dynamic and interesting so you can keep playing. The way you level up is interesting. It’s not really leveling up, but getting points to learn techniques in a grid. I like that this is different as well.

I think the few things I dislike are minor. I disliked how everyone is separated in the beginning and then I got happy when they were all together, but then separated again! I just want my friends to stay together and have big fun times! I at first disliked the battle system, the linearity, and the ease too. But I got used to it. All I care about is the story now- which is how it should be.

I’ve been looking forward to this game for a long time, I just realized. And now that it’s in my grasp, it seems like everything else in unnecessary. I’m so glad that it delivers as a promising new game, but just as beloved as a Final Fantasy.

~ by Btab on 30 March 2010.

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