The Live Action and the Cartoon

Okay, so I watched Watchmen finally a couple weeks ago or something. I guess I would say I’m disappointed with the film as a  whole, but there were moments of retribution. Mainly, I enjoyed the parts where I thought to myself Oh, I remember that part exactly like it was in the book! and I hated most the parts where I had to think Hold up. That’s not how it happened. What was the point in changing that? Alan Moore did things for a reason. A strange, mysterious, Alan Moore reason, but nonetheless, a reason. By changing certain things, I think it ruined the effect he was trying to make.

So wait. I may be over-analyzing this just because I took a writing class about this and analyzed the shit out Watchmen and all its beautiful nuances. I guess I already had low hopes anyway. I understand why people said “If you didn’t read it, you wouldn’t get it!” which is why I was so determined to never see it until I managed to read Watchmen in the first place. I would say that I would not have understood some of it if I didn’t read it, but reading it also distracted me from the nice storytelling elements that the movie did have.

From what I remember, the one thing I did like was Silk Spectre and NiteOwl. They were my favorite characters and though they were changed slightly (in ways unforgivable), the movie still managed to make them my favorites. Okay, I just had to point out that a non-smoking Silk Spectre is a no-no. Anyway, she was too hot not to enjoy. I guess it did drag on as I would have enjoyed an even longer movie if it was extremely true to the comic. I mean, if you’re gonna make such a long film, at least make it right. Every other character in the movie, I disliked.

I don’t know why, after never caring that adaptations did not stay 90+% true to originals, that I am upset this movie was not 100% like the graphic novel. I mean, I understand it can’t really be, but I feel since it isn’t, there’s a lot left to be desired. By the way, LOL giant uncut blue wang LOL.

I also finished watching Volume 4 of BTAS, which is basically The New Batman Adventures from TV. This is where Batman and the whole show got a makeover to look like the more streamlined Superman from Justice League in accordance to the New Batman/Superman Adventure Hour or something. Ahhh, everyone looked different. I like Red Robin, Nightwing, and Batgirl though. This season seemed to stem away from the darker Batman and introduce a more friendly one. It was still pretty intense though. Some of the villains make a return, with a lot of new ones showing up, so I guess that was appreciated. What I didn’t like was any of the villains’ makeovers. They all just looked stupider and more friendly. The art sometimes makes all the difference.

What I did enjoy was one episode called “Old Wounds” about why Nightwing did leave Batman, because it was never explained why Tim Drake was there. Those types of episodes are great- where they add background into the story and it’s not just a filler episode, but one that has to do with the whole Batman mythos. Of the 3 discs, the fourth one was by far superior. When I put it in the player, I knew it was the final episodes before Batman Begins, so I was already super depressed. I mean, I watched every single episode of Batman the Animated Series? Wow. Previously and recently, on TV, I only saw Season 1 episodes, and have never seen anything beyond it. Anyhow, the fourth disc had some of the best episodes– “Legends of the Dark Knight” looks at other types of Batman art and even showcased Carrie Kelly’s imagination about how Robin is a girl and basically animated Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. I freaked out because I was like OMG I recognize this! “Girl’s Night Out” was a great one, finally introducing a Metropolis villain and Supergirl in the same episode, focusing on those two and Batgirl, Ivy, and Harley. “Mad Love” was a very sad episode where I thought it was going to change the history of Batman forever, but then I remember it was a very old episode. In watching “Chemistry”, I felt the exact same way. “Judgment Day”, I admit, was a weird way to just end the series, but it was an interesting episode. Overall, I just wish they wrapped it up with a less random episode to give us a sense of closure, but I guess not. I will surely miss watching these. I wish cartoons nowadays were more like this, so passionate, so light, yet so intriguing.

~ by Btab on 29 March 2010.

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