The Sunshine Breeze

The "Hmm I haven't been outside in awhile..." face.

My throat may still be in pain, but today was a beautiful ending to Spring Break. It feels nice just kicking back with Charleen and Morgan at the park and playing some ball games. Until we got tired, that is. The weather was above nice, but a little dry. Anyway, catching up, laughing, relaxing, and making up a new game (what?!). Yes,  here on this blog, I can introduce you to underball. You can play it with any ball, though we played with a soccer ball. Who won? I totally forgot…but the rules are you sit at a table across from someone and you have to kick the ball into the other person’s side of the table. Like soccer. But under the table. It’s like for fat people. If you kick it into the side of the table (those adjacent to you both), then the person that last kicked it is penalized by the other player getting the point. And no hitting the referee hehe. Yeah. So relaxing…

I guess I’m ready to go back, though I don’t really want to. Break was really short, but I guess I should still be happy to get a break. We will see what next quarter has in store for me soon!


~ by Btab on 27 March 2010.

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