The Silver Soul: First Impression

So, since it’s still really early, seeing as how I woke up before 7 a.m. today, and since my DS is now charging (sad-face), I need to rant a little about Pokemon. I had some pretty high expectations for this game, first off. Gold Version was my first game ever on my first handheld ever and was a huge part of my childhood. It probably helped me make a few friends, hehe. I get pretty crazy and defensive when it comes to Pokemon. Luckily, I shall never feel shame playing it, though that’s because I’m FOB Asian. Just kidding, but being Asian makes it easier to accept my Poke-playing ways.

GSC is easily the best generation out of all four, with the first set coming in a very close second. So when I found out that they were coming out with remakes for Generation II, I was more than elated. My friend[s] and I probably celebrated for a hefty amount of time. The thought of reliving this portion of my childhood was very much desired. I remember I had hoped for this a long while ago when they came out with remakes of the original games, too.

This game, right off the bat, is so fantastic. The graphics are great (wind turbines at the start?!), the general updating from the original is perfect and subtle- you can still remember all the great stuff that they decided to keep, but at the same time, feel like it’s a brand new game, with updates to all the old favorites. Just to name a few…running shoes can now be made permanent, any Pokemon can follow you (okay, sadly, my Chikorita is super hideous) a la Yellow Version, you can name your rival (hehe, I named mine Gaga because the rival is pretty androgynous, but grr, his Cyndaquil looks so precious!), and you can still trade a Bellsprout for an Onix (though his name is Rocky, and I don’t use non-ALL-CAPS-named Pokemon).

Hm. I lost my place as I was helping my dad with some intense two-man construction business.

Well that’s where I am right now- Violet City, before my battery gave way. When I got home, I had to control myself: unpack and organize first, and then open my packages and start playing. When I fished out my DS from inside my drawer, Pokemon Diamond was still inside- but the handheld was dusty, sadly. But it was ready for a second life. When I opened the game, it was gorgeous. Everything about it felt so high class. The box was big and sturdy, it shined and when I put in the game slot, it felt so good to turn on my game.

The opening scene was beautiful. And then the good ol’ stuff came on, with Oak introducing what Pokemon are. I named myself Btab and quickly got to starting the game, because I know it starts off pretty slow. It was so cool seeing everything look the same, but feel so different. I planned to play this game very slowly, taking my time to look at everything and talk to everyone. But just like that, I had already chosen my starter.

You see, I decided to choose Chikorita for a few reasons. First off, way back in like 3rd grade or whatever, I got Gold Version and started with a Cyndaquil. And then later, in middle school, my dad brings (from Vietnam) home a Japanese Crystal Version. Of course, I didn’t understand it, but I started off with Totodile that time. I used Bite for the longest time. Now that I deliberately chose Silver to complete the circle, it would only make sense to start with the 3rd starter. Yeah, maybe I do put too much thought into this, but linearity is my lifestyle. The other reason was that I wanted to make a new team with Pokemon I’ve never even touched before and train with them. I don’t really want to get into that crazy breeding for traits and EV training stuff that I did for competition in Diamond. I just want to play this game for fun and then maybe battle a couple friends here and there. Anyway, those are my reasons for choosing Chikorita. To this day, I’ve only known one person to start with the sad thing that is Chikorita.

I named my Paddy, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day yesterday and may he bring me luck with his four-leaf-cloverness. He’s already level 13!

Then I got into the grass. Wow, did it feel great to see wild Sentrets, Pidgeys, Rattatas, and Geodudes. It brings me way back! I’m glad there’s none of that III/IV Gen Pokemon hoo-hah, so I can focus on just catching 256 Pokemon I know and love (for the most part). Oh, Pokemarts have awesome spinning signs in front of them, the Pokecenter is gorgeous, where you can go upstairs using an escalator and it’s on the same screen. Yeah, I don’t know how it explain it, but it made me all giddy inside. You’ll see if you play. The music is rehashed, but it also makes me nostalgic, so I don’t really mind “Nintendo recycling their 8-bit sounds” or whatever the complaint is.

So, that’s just my 2 dollars on that. Um…you should play now? Hopefully, this will keep me from opening the package containing FFXIII, but I don’t know how long I can hold out. I need my FF fix too!


~ by Btab on 18 March 2010.

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