The Eater of Feelings

The "This stress is so bad for me" face.

Oh dear, I am so stressed out! I feel the need to write and organize.
1. Okay, so my last midterm is tomorrow. Moderate stress level, I just hope I wake up.
2. My classes have filled up, so I have to redo a lot of my schedule. High stress level, I am now distracted and constantly making sure classes don’t fill up. My enrollment window is tomorrow evening. Also, I am now unable to have good timing and the good teachers that I wanted.
3. I have a lab practical exam and a writing presentation next week, with finals the week after. Currently, moderate stress level, only because there are other things to worry about.
4. I need to buy groceries that’ll last me the next couple weeks for finals week, but I eat too much and waste too much money. Low stress level, but nonetheless, still there. Plus, other stuff to do this weekend like another frikken dentist appointment.
5. Pokemon. Low stress level, but still in the back of my head. I wanted the figurine…Other things that are needed. Money stuff.
6. And there’s probably a bunch of other things I am forgetting right now.
Oh, my lack of sleep and eating, coupled with this stress totally makes me dirty and gross in the face.

Other than that, I have…wait for it…decided to take up cooking as a hobby again! Yay! Applause! Fun! So, from what I remember, I’ve already once made oatmeal raisin cookies, potato skins, and Butterbeer. Now, I have compiled a list that I shall add on to in the future and will take suggestions from anyone.
So far, things that I want to cook in the future:

  1. Fried Ice Cream
  2. Friend Oreos
  3. Cheesecake
  4. Flan
  5. Egg Custard
  6. Chicken Feet
  7. Strawberry Daifuku and Mochi
  8. Carbonara

Feel free to request!

~ by Btab on 1 March 2010.

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