The Steady Road

The "I have bags under my eyes" face.

What a blah day. The weather is weird- I can’t tell if it’s going to rain or be windy, cold, but rather warm and dry. I feel tired, and the lack of sunshine doesn’t help either. I look forward to spending all weekend studying, though! Lies. No time to sleep.

I wait for the school day to be over, walking along this steady road. Until no more, no more. Something on my mind. Can’t find it.

Hm. I just felt a poetic moment arising.


On another note, I think I should start drawing again because I haven’t for awhile. I also decided that I can start reading and writing again over the summer, where I hope to have more time to concentrate on stuff like that. Sigh, I haven’t hobbied in a long while. Where have the days gone?

Question. What do people blog about? I need inspiration.

~ by Btab on 26 February 2010.

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