The Unfortunate Citrus Crisis

The "freshie" face.

Yesterday, I got a fortune:


HAHA, awesome. Another definite fortune. I don’t really know when the next full moon will be, but last night was a half-moon, so I predict soon?

Yesterday, I also got some Jamba. Heyyyyyyyy Jamba, Jamba!

Lemon Dream Machine.
16 0z.

I ordered a Lemon Dream Machine, which is basically like a normal Orange Dream Machine, which as you remember is like Orange Cream ice cream. With lemons. I asked the cashier if they had it, and he said yes. But the receipt said Orange Dream Machine, which I guess is normal because they just tell the mixers to mix the right thing. But then when I got it, she said “Brian, your 16 oz. Orange Dream Machine”. I was already in a rush, so I didn’t really stop to yell at them.
When I was drinking it, I couldn’t really tell if it was orange or lemons, because they’re of the same family! What a dilemma. It tasted different, but at the same time, that could have been due to minor smoothie errors. I guess since there was no difference in taste, which I will assume that the recipe just doesn’t call for enough lemons (or lemonade?), it wasn’t too good.

Dang, I wish I could work there…

~ by Btab on 23 February 2010.

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