The Grammy’s

Yay for the Grammy’s! I love music award shows because we actually get to see performances, and some are unique and innovative.

It started off great. I’m not a fan of Man Gaga, but the duet with Sir Elton John was pretty cool. She has a decent voice when she sings slow. Of course, she looked like a freak in the audience. What else…Beyonce, hot performance. Taylor Swift looked like a skeleton, and it was scary hearing Stevie Nicks sing “You Belong With Me”, but otherwise congratulations to her on her awards. Black Eyed Peas, please go die like Apl and Taboo already have. Green Day, I love you…and the musical sounds pretty cool. Justin Beiber, go die. Kesha looked like a trashed up hooker version of Ashley Tisdale. I guess she really does just wake up and brush her teeth with a bottle of Jack. Celine Dion, yummy legs. Rihanna looked cute. Congratulations to Kings of Leon and Stephen Colbert. So what was up with the 3D MJ Tribute? It was a little weird and confusing to mine eyes.

And everything else, I guess, is forgettable right now.

~ by Btab on 1 February 2010.

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