The Uneternal Sunshine

The “It was sunny out this morning, so it inspired me to take a few more pictures of myself that made me look like an Express model (which I wish I was) even though I really fall into the category of a Heritage model (or no type of model at all for that matter)” poses.

Complaints for the day:

  1. A smoker came in late to class and decided to sit next to me. His breath smelled like putrefaction and decay of the lung. He was probably late because he was busy huffing his cig.
  2. I spilled pasta on my jeans, shirt, and jacket. This was made more awkward by the fact that I was eating alone, and that I didn’t learn my lesson from eating pasta in the cafeteria…I always spill it on myself.
  3. It rained.
  4. I did not use my Australian accent in my classes despite it being Australia Day (oi mate!), except for my Australian buddies, who celebrated already. Stupid time zones.

Sad that I only have complaints to say. Oh, except a girl talked to me in discussion. It made my day.

Well, I guess I have some other things to report: My novel, which I was writing middle/end of last year and stopped has been reignited. Or, so I want it to be. It’s pretty Watchmen-like, I figured, after reading Watchmen. Which is surprising. So maybe I’ll be inspired and influenced even more. For this blog, I plan to start creating more categories, so instead of putting everything in one post, there will be random posts of series-types. That will be fun.

~ by Btab on 26 January 2010.

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