The Greatest Love (well, one of the top 5)

The "I'm about to go out to dinner with all my friends" face.

Today, I woke up around lunch time and as I was in the shower with the cold water running, my dad runs in to the bathroom and tells me to turn it off. Apparently, they were fixing the water heater downstairs and it was leaking everywhere. So I couldn’t take a shower before I went off to lunch with Gerard. We went to Yardhouse, which actually has good jambalaya. I’ve always wanted to try some legitimate jambalaya. Of course, there was a lot of alcohol everywhere, but I saw a lot of kids too. I didn’t know people drank so early in the day. But that was a fun, enlightening time.

And then I went to dinner with the rest of the crew (minus Jon and Linda (boo!)). It was a great celebration of my birthday at China Moon. It was nice and quiet, and the people were really nice. I was craving Peking Duck and that was delicious. And then we went to Dairy Queen for a “Strawberry Cheesequake”, the perfect cake- strawberry, ice cream, and cheesecake chunks.

So we went back to my house to hang out. The thing I find awesomely funny is my presents. Of things I didn’t specifically ask for (an Express gift card and a Kingdom Hearts Micro Raschel Throw), I got 2 Batman shirts, a Batman birthday pin, a Batman PEZ dispenser (which I’ve been wanting since my days working at Toys R Us!), and an original Batman canvas painting. Oh, I am ever so predictable, or my friends know me too well.

Overall, it was one of those days where I was just so happy to be around the people I know and love and be surrounded by happiness and the norm. There are times when I am in the mood for new stuff, to leave the old behind. But when the time comes when I realize that what I have is so special and that I am truly comfortable there, then that’s when life becomes so meaningful. So, to my friends, I thank you for giving me one of the greatest loves I will ever experience.

It’s getting late/early, and I’m tired so I can’t express myself clearly, but yeah, that’s how I feel right now. Bliss.

~ by Btab on 23 December 2009.

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