The Future of This Blog

Dear Brian,

Let us take a moment to dictate what this blog means.

First, I hope this blog allows me to share anything that happens to me that I think is blog-worthy, or I just want to rant about. Pictures are a must, long details are not (but will be).

Second, I hope to update every day starting December 17, 2009 until December 17, 2010 (and beyond) with a picture and something like an announcement, declaration, or mood. I want to see how much I change throughout the year. If it works out, I will continue until whenever.

Third, I hope this blog turns into a reflection. I want to look [read] back and discover how I have changed, how I have stayed the same, how the world has changed.

Fourth, let’s not get too deep. Just have fun!

I get inspiration from anything and these things can change my mood of the day. It can inspire me, it can make me depressed and really have to think inwardly. I will share these as much as possible. I feel that everything relates to my life.



~ by Btab on 12 November 2009.

One Response to “The Future of This Blog”

  1. Hi Brian

    What a great idea, I noticed you pop into our blog yesterday and would love to welcome you back. I am curious though why you landed on a paper crafting site; just wondering. I was introduced to a book called keels simple diary the other day and in there each day makes you think about what to record each day – I thought then what great blog enteries they would make. As a group we encourage creativity and the recording of life with paper – do pop back soon.

    Creative Hands

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